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February 21, 2018

Free to Try!
You can now create free demo websites to show at your listing presentations. Purchase the website AFTER you have secured the listing. Our DEMO SITES have all the features of the real thing and are a great way to test out our user friendly interface.

Custom Domain Name (e.g.
Of course your website will include your very own property address domain name. This feature is key to making your listing stand out in the crowd. What's more, your sellers will absolutely love you for it!

UNLIMITED photos & Slide Show Tour
You can now add any number of photos to your listing websites. Uploading photos is as easy as attaching them to an email. Our program will automatically resize and optimise your photos allowing them to fit nicely into the design template of your choice.

Professional Designs
We have over 400 professional design and color scheme combinations to choose from. In addition we have hundreds of branded designs and we are adding more all the time. If you would like a custom designed header for your Listing website contact our office for details.

esignboard Sign   (view sample)
We know how important it is that buyers get to your website. We can include a web specific sign board with each and every order. This ensures maximum exposure of your listing website.

Detailed Property Information
Our websites offer ample space to add all the important details of your listing. We have added a separate listing details page where you can enter the dimensions of each room along with the property amenities and more.

Hosting for 12 months
Chances are your listing will sell well within the 12 month hosting period, but keeping it online will help drive traffic back to your agent or office website. It's also a great listing tool to show your prospects what you do for your clients.

User Friendly
Create a website in less than 5 minutes! Change your design layout, colour and other configuration options anytime. Our program will automatically determine if the domain name of your choice is available and register it. Websites are usually up and running within a few minutes!

Include your Video!
If you have a video that you would like to embed directly into your Listing Website - now you can! Include your YouTube video, Google Video, TurnHere Video, Property VidCast Video and more!

Create an Audio Tour!
You can now add an audio message to each and every website! Direct your prospects to important features of the property and invite them to stop by your open house. All you need is a microphone and use one of the Free MP3 recording downloads provided.

Property Feedback System
Send a feedback request form to potential buyers and open house visitors soliciting their feedback about the property. This is a great tool to help you negotiate needed changes with your sellers.

Website Statistics
Our website statistics will tell you how many unique visitors you have had and tell you the top 5 referring search engines. What's more, you can view your daily activity, monthly activity and total visitors. Our reporting function will allow you to email a detailed report to your sellers to show them how popular their home is!

Lead Generation
Your website will come with several lead generating contact forms including: Schedule an Inspection: Allows prospects to request an inspection of the property at a specific time and date; and Request Additional Info: Enables your visitors to easily request additional information about your listing.

Contact/Branding Information
Every site will display your photograph, company logo and contact information. Your Listing Websites will all link to one another to help generate more traffic to your other listings. And of course each website will link back to your agent and/or company website to help generate traffic there as well.

Quick Links 
One of our most dynamic features, Quick Links allows you to add or remove any number of external links, including a link to your virtual or video tour. Included with your website are several automatic links such as a link to area information, a link to local schools and more.

Choose from a large selection of music loops that you can add to any website!

Property Reports & Floor Plans
Upload any number of property related documents to your quick links and name the link anything you wish. You can also add files to your report section and password protect them.

Smart Phone / PDA compatible
Did you know that your websites looks great on an internet enabled phone? Visitors who drive by the home and see the esignboard with your property web address, can pull out their mobile phone and get all the details from your website including all the property photos and your contact information.

Email Your Website
Now you can send an email directly from your website to prospective buyers and sellers announcing your listing and displaying the service you can offer.

Property Location Map
We automatically provide a link to Google Maps. Or you can create a link to a map provider of your choice. We also automatically provide a satellite photo of the property from Google Earth.

Mortgage Tools
Your site includes a mortgage calculator so buyers can estimate their total payment. In addition, we have partnered with several mortgage companies to allow your buyers to get instantly pre-approved for your listing. You may choose to override any default link with the mortgage broker of your choice.

Print a One Page Brochure
Our program will take the first 6 photos from your website and arrange them nicely on a one page brochure that you can print directly from your website!

Open House Feature
Shows the dates and times of your open houses located on your website in a prime location to attract attention. Once this date has passed, the information will automatically disappear from your website.

Commercial Property Details
Add commercial details such as yield, number of units, rental information and more. You can choose to use one of our commercial design layouts or add commercial details to any of our design templates.

Biography Page
You may choose to include a biography page to tell your visitors a little bit about yourself. You can name this page anything you wish so instead of using it for your bio, you may use it for just about anything!

Customer Support
Our Mission: We help Real Estate Professionals grow their business by providing invaluable and innovative technology tools with a smile. Let us help you get your Properties Online!
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