Websites4YourListings. We are proud to be the original single property website provider in both Australia and New Zealand. This high-tech marketing tool helps you win more business by showcasing a property like never before. Now you can easily and affordably create a website dedicated entirely towards marketing one property.


"I don't know the words to tell you how much I appreciate what you and your company have done for my business. It is so wonderful to go into a listing presentation with the ability to provide a web site for every property at an affordable price. I especially like that I can upload my pictures and have the site up and running in such a short time. I also appreciate the fact that you created a website for me that I can add to and change constantly. The ease of use is important to me as I am not a computer guru."

Shirley Byrd-Solem
"I have placed orders on several occasions after I have listed property and have had excellent response from both the homeowners and the public. Due to your website, I received a call from a prospective buyer and wrote an accepted offer, as well as represented the seller on the transaction. Home sellers are always impressed during my listing presentations when I show them the property's web site and a sample of the rider. I have received listings because of this product when others being interviewed did not emphasize the importance of internet marketing. To me, it's a valuable tool in my business!"

Carol Tokas, Realtor
CPS Property Solution
"I think this is a fabulous tool for our office, our listings and our industry. We use your site for flyer generation, excellent lead referrals off the signs on our listings, and it's also a great tool for viewing properties."

Mary Liebig
"Your product makes me look like a super star. My clients love it, they see it as an impressive marketing tool. It has a bigger impact on my clients than any other marketing campaign I show in my listing presentation and it costs me much less and even more importantly, it takes a fraction of the time to set up and launch."

Karyn Bertacco
"I took my laptop to a listing presentation this morning.....showed the listing websites that I do for each property....and of course, I got the listing. Your property websites are an awesome listing tool in this slow market. Sellers just love seeing their homes featured on their very own website. And I love giving them this marketing tool. Great job!"

Gerry Bush
"Thank you for this great service. It was a primary tool in attracting the buyers to my home. Internet savvy people know how to shop the web and your rider for my For Sale sign brought a lot of attention to the site."

Bob Kingsley
Real Estate Broker
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